ACE AIR Testimonials

ACE AIR is guarding grain bins in every breadbasket state Nationwide, Canada and Mexico.

High Praise

I contacted Amber first and then I started looking around, but every other system included cable packages, a lot of wiring, a lot of harder installation. And were more expensive as well.

The Amber service has been great.

If I had any questions, I got an immediate answer on the phone. I really liked that because I felt like I always got an answer and got walked through it.


Install process is very simple and I've done ten of 'em now.

It's a matter of drilling a hole at the top of the bin. Dropping in the sensor and plugging in the hole.

If I find something that's unusual that doesn't fit the schematic they are there to help me out.

Farmers should buy ACE AIR if they want to keep track of their commodities in the bins.
When I decided that this is what I wanted to do, I looked at several different monitoring systems.

ACE AIR was, in my opinion, the easiest to work with and the most cost effective for what I was trying to accomplish.

You get on the website and say you're interested and next thing you know, you've got a quote that you accept. And the next thing you know, there's box parts on your doorstep. Pretty simple process. Good deal.

With the cables that I had, it was expensive. It took a professional to put it in. We were having issues with the cables all the time, and it got to where I couldn't trust the data.

I bought ACE AIR because I was looking for something that I could handle myself, that I didn't need a tech team from Canada to keep me running.

I was looking for something that would work and I could trust.


We’ve had Sentry Pacs, temperature cables, and Bullseye systems in the past.  

I purchased ACE AIR because of the CO2 sensing they offered.

CO2 sensing becomes super important when I think about a half a million dollars worth of grain in each one of those bins, and it's all of a sudden a hundred degrees out.


I've had some other monitors that just were difficult to use and ACE AIR really appealed to me being wireless and solar charged.

With cables, you had to go in and change all kind of technical numbers, and I'd have to call 'em every time because invariably something would be set wrong.

Cables were not user friendly at all. It was just very, very difficult to use.

We met the guy that had the GSI cables before your system. That's when we made the decision from there.

The ACE AIR system takes five minutes to explain how it works and what we need to do. The cable system... after a half hour, I was still not interested.

For me it was very obvious. I didn't want to mess with all that cable stuff.

The reason I bought ACE AIR, was because of cost and no cables. I had tried cables already and wasn't happy with it.

In the past we've used a couple of different monitoring systems. We used a couple cable systems that worked for a short period of time and then became broken.

We couldn't keep them working, and so they became unreliable.
Early in my farming career, we had a cable system that we used to have to hookup and monitor each individual cable. It was a nuisance because of the cables breaking.  

And the cables were not real reliable as far as their strength and sensitivity.

With the discovery of ACE AIR with the sniffing of CO2... Along with it being web-based, we've been able to monitor the degradation of our grain so much closer.


We bought ACE AIR because of the price.

When we started researching this, everybody else's prices were extremely high, and they were extremely competitive price-wise.

One of the other things we shied away from other people's sensors, not just the price, but what the install was going to be. We might have to hire somebody to come do it, or have somebody from their company come do it, and that's an added cost.

Time and Chance
happen to them all

Big Bins. Small Bins. Old Bins. New Bins.
ACE AIR is practically priced to protect them all.

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