Finally. The no-cables way
to manage grain
like a pro.
Finally. The no-cables way to manage grain like a pro.

Next Level
Grain Asset

Leverage the latest in analytics and automation to manage, protect and market grain.

GRAB FEB offer

The Practical Approach

Quickly smart-enable any grain bin with Amber’s powerful slap-on tech.

Ace Air comes in a self-install kit.

Easy Install

Self-install two tech pieces in 15 minutes per bin.

Same flat price regardless of bin size.

Best of all: No Cables.

Fan Controller

All-in-One Hub

Predictive Pings

The earliest alert for grain tipping out of spec

Jump aboard the new school for grain management with the world’s first wireless Co2 analyzer.

100% Wireless Setup
No Cables
Solar Powered
Cell-Equipped Slap-on Magnetic Install
Analyzes Temp, Humidity
Predictive Alerts with Co2
Mobile Controlled
Syncs with Fan Controller
10-Minute Self-Install

Co2 spikes 10 days earlier than temp cables

Analyzes: Co2, Temperature, Relative Humidity

Control Time

Catch the right air at the right time.

Position your fans to perform. Expertly set sequences for when and why air kicks on/off.

Powered by autopilot aeration.

100% Wireless Setup
Enables Automation
Control Fans Remotely
Mobile App Controlled
Syncs with Headspace
Tracks Energy & KwH
Alerts to Breaker Trips
Self Installs in 15 mins
Custom Install Guides
Works on All Fans

Enables remote app control + fan automation

Can be wired in to all fans (even the old ones)

Unleash Automation

Skip the drive and climb.

Operation-wide control at your fingertips.

A simple-to-use app designed to keep you out of it.

Aeration Algorithms
Co2 Notifications
Remote Fan Control
Time-based Scheduler
Energy Track Reports
Fan Breaker Alerts
Aeration Event Logs
Multiple Users
Excel Export
Mobile + Desktop

Punctual Co2 alerts for the worst case scenarios

Agree with the autopilot algorithm or set your own aeration sequence

In 15 States Today. Availability Limited.
We chose to use Amber Ag Ace Air hubs after detailed research into how the system operates.
The technology they have developed is superior to the competition in our opinion. Using Ace Air we will be able to run the fans in the most desirable conditions, extending the shelf life of our stored grain.
Brandon B
1) First year using Amber. Programming fans is simple. Accessibility with cell phones  and alerts saves time and driving. Fans  turn on and off, in tune with the temperature and humidity forecast. 

2) Setup was easy. All anomaly wiring for older bin setups was quickly addressed by customer service.

3) I have only good things to say about the product and the team at Amber
Dennis C
North Dakota
I bought this system to monitor and control bin fans in a remote bin site that I have. 
The ability to schedule run times for the fans from my phone or laptop is not only a great time saving tool, it also allows me to set those run times during optimal weather conditions for changing the moisture content of the grain (EMC)
Eric M
We originally had a grain monitoring system with cables. 

The cables were a pain and expensive to upkeep. Seems like we always had cables go bad and the data wasn’t what I was looking for.
I needed something simple and effective for grain monitoring. Amber Ag was able to do that
Jeff B
I wanted a bin monitoring / control system but I wasn’t willing to spend tens of thousands, especially for a small or medium sized bin. 

The installation was a breeze and the information streaming through the app is at my fingertips, making checking grain condition easier and safer than ever before
Neil H
I live 150 miles from my farm and grain bins.  I purchased Ace Air Hubs and remote fan controllers for each of my bins so I can accurately monitor conditions in the bins, and turn fans on and off, from home. 
Sometimes, the best time to turn a fan on/off is 10 pm, midnight, 3 am, or 6 am.  The fan scheduler in the Amber Ag phone app lets me program fan run times to achieve my drying and cooling goals for each bin, and then I can sleep
Nancy B