The ACE AIR technology is a three piece product suite, sold as a self-install kit to automate any grain bin.

It includes:

The Analyzer is a wireless, solar-powered and cell-enabled headspace sensor roughly the size of a laptop.

The Analyzer device creates 24/7 live reads of the CO2, Temperature and Relative Humidity levels of the grain bin's headspace. The Analyzer via CO2 sensing creates a low cost alert and is the earliest signal for grain beginning to tip out of spec.

The Automator is a wireless and cell-enabled fan controller roughly the size of a smartphone but two inches thick.

The Automator device can be wired into any grain bin fan's existing setup and connects the fan to App-based software in order to apply logic for when and why the fan kicks on and off. The Automator allows operators to catch the right air at the right time so that they can capture the highest possible price for their grain.

The Analytic Fee is the software subscription portion of the ACE AIR kit technology.

The Analytic Fee covers the cellular costs associated with connecting the Analyzer and Automator to the internet. The Analytic Fee also includes the algorithmic based automations that power the fan's aeration.

$ 3,531 USD
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Altogether, ACE AIR is the low-infrastructure, hassle-free way to automate any grain bin in 30 minutes.

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