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How does it connect to the internet?

Cellular.  You do not need wifi, separate cellular hotspots/plans, or bluetooth.  As soon as you slap it on, Amber’s built-in cell modem hops on whichever carrier is strongest.

What is the subscription for?

To automate the bin/fan.  The annual service is for 1/ the algorithms and modeling in the app 2/ the cellular connectivity 3/ continuous device support and updates.

What does installation entail?

We built ACE AIR to be self install.  The top Analyzer takes 15 minutes.  One drilled hole, then it slaps on with military grade magnets.  The Automator takes 30 minutes.  We collect fan pics of your bin before sending your tech, so that we can include the correct wiring and tailored instructions for your fan specifically.

Does this work on big bins?

Yes.  It’s on 1 million bushel bins, and all the way down to 1.5K bushel hopper bins.  We designed it from scratch to be adoptable on every bin and fan. At minimum every bin should have a CO2 Analyzer in it similar to how a smoke alarm is in every house.

Will this work on my fan setup?

Yes.  It’s on every fan setup imaginable: Old fans, new fans, and all brands.  Your kit is also made-to-order.  We’ll have you send us seven pictures of each fan.  An electrical engineer reviews your order and includes the correct wiring and tailored instructions for each fan individually.

How many Automators do I need for my grain bin site?

One Automator is needed per grain bin fan.  For a grain bin with two fans you would need two Automators (select the 2-Fan Kit).  This first kit purchase is for one bin.  If you’d like a custom quote for multiple bins call or text 401-307-3737.

What about ice on the fan blades and tripping breakers?

The Automator has a vibration sensor from which Amber algorithmically derives troublesome events before they occur.  For sites with multiple grain bins with ACE AIR kits and multiple fans with Automators, Amber has offsets built-in to ensure safe and efficient turn-on and turn-off times.

How many Analyzers do I need for my grain bin site?

One Analyzer is needed per grain bin.  For grain bins larger than 60K bushel, Amber recommends a second Analyzer for the plenum.  If you’d like a custom quote with a 2nd Analyzer for a big bin, call or text 401-307-3737.

Can the Analyzer withstand freezing temperatures and low-sunlight?

Yes.  It can tolerate -140 F.  Has been weather-tested across 5 storage seasons in every breadbasket state and Canada.  The solar-powered unit can maintain its charge even if 100% sun-blocked for 1.5 months.

What is CO2 sensing on the Analyzer?

CO2 sensing is the earliest predictive indicator for grain spoilage.  It is a well-researched measurement within the field of grain science.   To summarize: If CO2 crosses 1000 PPM an issue is developing.  If CO2 reaches 1500 PPM, it’s indicative of an issue.  The Analyzer is a wireless, solar-powered CO2 sensor that alerts you via text and push notifications.

How does CO2 compare to Temperature Cables?

Amber uses CO2 as a supplement to In-grain temperature cables.  It’s well proven in grain science that CO2 spikes in the headspace 10 days before temp will in the grain mass. CO2 Sensing = [Predictive] vs Temperature Sensing = [Reactive].  Temperature cable sensors can be useful, but many seek reasons to avoid strapping cables all across their bins.

What about Moisture Readings?

Amber shows you moisture via modeling.  Since the Automator track’s every single air front pushed through the grain mass and the weather conditions before and after each event, we continuously update the expected moisture across the bin.

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